IAP 2011 Announcement

Web Application Capture the Flag Competition

(a not-for-credit IAP course)
Organizers: Timothy R. Leek, Joseph M. Werther, Michael A. Zhivich, Nickolai Zeldovich
Signup by: 10-Jan-2011
Limited to 24 participants.
Prereq: No strict requirements, but knowledge of Linux, WebApp development, 6.857, or 6.858 all helpful

ZOMG! J01n a 73AM 0f L337 h4x0r2 ANd 5P3nD 1AP pwn1Ng b0x3N!

If you understood that sentence then this competition is for you! If not, perhaps we can entice you with fabulous iPad type prizes?

The goal of this non-credit activity is to learn how to make a web application secure even if parts of it are buggy or malicious. Prior to the competition, you will work in teams of 3 with an existing web application to harden it even in the face of untrusted plug-ins. Defensive tools and offensive techniques will be presented in tutorials and labs. The activity will culminate in a 3-day free-for-all competition during which each team will engage in both offense and defense. iPads and similar cool tech will be awarded as prizes.

Interested h4x0r2 please email tleek@ll.mit.edu to register. Please provide a few sentences detailing your prior experience to be used in selection.